Illustrative Transportation Demand Management

Projects Transit Village Transportation Demand Management Program

Our team has developed and managed the innovative, acclaimed Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program for the Contra Costa Centre Association for over 20 years. The Contra Costa Centre area, which surrounds and encompasses the Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre BART station platform located in central Contra Costa County, is a 125-acre master-planned transit community featuring approximately 1.75 million square feet of existing Class A office and commercial space, two full-service hotels and nearly 2,300 multi-family residential units. The TDM program provides commute alternatives and shuttle service options to the 6,000 employees at the Transit Village. This multifaceted program that is funded by a TDM assessment district includes subsidies for employees ridesharing, riding public transit, biking and walking to work, as well as on-site Clipper transit pass sales. Our team also developed the Green Fleet program that provides employees an online, real-time reservation system providing successful access to car sharing, bicycles and Segways during the work day. This allows the employees to take an alternative to work and have the flexibility to go to meetings or appointments. The transportation programs success rate has resulted in a 30-35% reduction in single-occupancy vehicles commuting to the area since 1989.

Hospital System Transportation Demand Management Program

Created and managed the John Muir Health Transportation Demand Management Program since its inception in 2006 for the 6,500 health professionals. The purpose of the program is to assist the employees with their commute, support Walnut Creek, Concord and Contra Costa County to reduce the number of vehicles-miles traveled (VMT) on highways and streets and provide available parking for patients and visitors. Program design elements include commute hot-line, on-site Clipper transit pass sales, public transit subsidies, rideshare subsidies, bike and walk-to-work incentives and a customized Guaranteed Ride Home program. Shuttle service was also created to ease on-site parking congestion and provide more efficient intra-campus transportation.

Kaiser Permanente, San Leandro, Member Shuttle Survey

Our team refined the goals, objectives and procedures involved with a survey project to insure it adequately assessed the needs of the members and meet the goals of the city and client. Conducted site visits to assess traffic patterns by members and determined methods for optimizing member access to the facility. Developed survey instrument and engaged research firm to analyze results. Created effective incentives to generate survey participation and develop marketing material to promote awards. Provided a survey report that includes an Executive Summary, an in-depth statement of methods and verbal and graphic portrayals of the findings, conclusions and strategic recommendations.


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