Transportation Demand Management Services – Experience Counts

Municipal Resource Group professionals have 20 years of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) experience. Key elements of a comprehensive TDM program focus on reducing the use and the reliance on single-occupant vehicles through a combination of policies, incentives and programs to increase use of shuttle operations, ridesharing, public transit, bike sharing, electric vehicle infrastructure and customized Guaranteed Ride Home programs. Our team can effectively address and provide solutions for current and future traffic-related issues that face cities and counties, large employer-based businesses’, hospitals, multi-unit residential projects, business parks and mixed use transit-oriented developments. By promoting alternate modes of transportation our clients are contributing to the welfare of their community, by reducing energy consumption, air and noise pollution and traffic congestion.

TDM Services

  • Identifying and developing consensus on client’s transportation issues/needs.
  • Establishing organizational presence and defining transportation management authority expectations, transportation demand initiatives and outreach programs.
  • Creating and managing a proactive, full service Transportation Demand Management program which includes programs to fit the needs and the goals of the project. Develop initial strategies and recommendations for the project’s TDM vision.
  • Providing administrative support, implementation and coordination with clients, creating policies and procedures, public outreach to key stakeholders, marketing and financial management.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and measuring the utilization of the various TDM elements and progress towards overall goals of reducing solo car trips.
  • Designing and managing cost effective shuttle services, including developing fleets and routes based on expected passenger usage and transportation needs for the project that reduce single-occupant vehicles. Oversee the performance and operation of the shuttle service including promoting and marketing incentives for the creation and expanding shuttle services. Analyze routes, prepare and publish periodic updates to routes.
  • Design and development of comprehensive and highly visible marketing campaign including commute alternative marketing materials, newsletters, informational packets, establishment and management of transportation centers and web-based commute alternative tools.
  • Collaborate with and develop trusted relationships with key program stakeholders such as city and county staff, environmental organizations, city chambers and neighborhood leaders for a common goal of decreasing trips of single occupancy vehicles.



  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission
    • On-site Clipper Transit Sale Vendor
  • Contra Costa Transportation Authority
    • Real-Time Rideshare Pilot Project
    • Guaranteed Ride Home Program
    • Shuttle Operations
    • Car Sharing
  • 511 Contra Costa
    • Bike Locker Infrastructures
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
    • Employee Commute Survey Projects
    • Car sharing grant
  • Department of Energy
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Grant
  • Contra Costa County Redevelopment Agency
    • Transportation Demand Management Marketing
    • Employee Commute Survey Projects
    • Transit Village BART station name change
    • Electronic Bicycle Locker Project at Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre
    • Marketing of Contra Costa Centre Transit Village
    • Bike and walking trails through the Contra Costa Centre Transit Village



  • Sustainable Contra Costa Award for Smart Growth
  • California Redevelopment Association Award of Excellence for Sustainable Development
  • National Planning Excellence, Achievement Leadership Award
  • California Transportation Awards – Project of the Year, Robert I. Schroder Pedestrian Overcrossing for Iron Horse Trail



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Contact: Lynette Busby | | 925.963.4173